Eco Flood Mini

The Eco-Mini LED Is a quality UK manufactured sign light specially designed to light small signs and bill boards.  This energy efficient LED fitting is only 10W’s but produces over 1000lm’s in colour 4000K. The High output Samsung LED’s and Osram Driver are rated at 50,000 hrs.  Installing the Eco-Mini means you won’t need to think about your replacing another lamp for at least 5 years.The Eco-flood has been illuminating signs for almost 20 years. The NEW version see’s the Compact fluorescent replaced with High output Samsung SMD LEDs and Osram driver.  This reduces the energy consumption by up to 50% on the fluorescent versions 26W and 42W with no loss of lumen output. Four wattages are now available from 10W, 20W, 25W and 30W.  This Sign light can be used to back light signs with a depth of up to 3.0 metres on a 400mm arm. Also wall mounting with standard ratcheted bracket and 300mm extended wall bracket.

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      • Photocell
      • Available with Black, White or Grey Body


      • All types of signage with a depth of 1.5 mtrs
      • Shops
      • Public Houses
      • Hotels


      • Market leading LED, Osram board and driver
      • Replacing PLC fittings with a 50% energy saving


  • Polycarbonate body
  • Polycarbonate translucent controller


This applies to all product Ranges.
CLM 10 1 4K = Black Body
CLM 10 2 4K = White Body
CLM 10 3 4k =  Grey Body


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