The CLEMBH is perfect for illuminating the important areas of any building in the industrial, commercial or retail sector. Complete with Long Life LEDs (50,000 hours) and also Maintenance free operation (battery replacement after 5 years) the fitting is perfect in ensuring a safe exit, even if the power is absent.

  • Also suitable for use in cold stores (ambient temperature down to -20°C)
  • Low energy (<10watts operation)
  • High-level output (120 lumens; equivalent to 8watt T5 bulkhead)


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  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Hospitals
  • Garages
  • Workshops


  • 2W LED
  • 3 hours operation on battery power after mains power failure
  • 20m maximum viewing distance   with standard legends


  • Polycarbonate base & cover
  • Cover fitted to base with stainless steel screws in threaded brass inserts
  • Hinged gear tray
  • Supplied with standard (“Man running towards door”)
  • 20mm conduit entry


  • All variants may be installed as maintained or non-maintained variants. Full details and wiring diagrams supplied in the instruction leaflet.


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